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Important notice : We will be closing all services of Twikster from 31st Dec 2018. All new registration have already been closed. If you have any query please reach out to us at [email protected]
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How do I create my free eCommerce website?

Creating a free eCommerce website on Twikster is really easy. Here are the steps you need to follow -

Step 1:
Sign up for the Twikster GO FREE plan by entering your basic details like name, number, store name and password and activate your store by clicking on an activation link that is sent to you via email.
Step 2:
Once your store is activated, you can use your Twikster admin panel to select one of our templates, upload your logo, your products (along with their details), add static pages and content, add images and other important data on your store to make your eCommerce store look complete. (If you don't want one of the templates that we provide, we can customize one for you).
Step 3:
Once your store is ready, you can request us to do a domain name redirect for free! You can then go on and use the platform for free. If you would like to upgrade or buy any add-ons, you can contact us and we will help you through it.

This is how simple it is to create an eCommerce store and get your business going!

What do I need to Sign Up and Get Started?

We are here to make e- commerce easy for you. To sign up, all you need is an Email ID, a store name and a phone number. Once you sign up, simply activate your store via the activation email sent to you, and get started creating it!

To create your store, you need basic product information and some good quality images of your products. And if you have too many products, just reach out to us and we will help you with bulk upload of the products into the system.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive an activation email from us. In this email will be a link for you to click on. As soon as you do so, your store will get activated and you will be able to login to the admin panel of your store using the same Email ID and Password with which you signed up.

What does basic support mean?
  • Domain name redirect
  • Regular maintenance
  • Periodic updates
  • Limited Support - Via Email only
What does the Initiation fee include?
  • Starter-kit
  • Store Set up
  • Bulk Upload of Products
  • Domain name redirect
  • Tie-up with Logistic Providers,Payment Gateway
  • Marketplace setup
  • Get started with social media: FB and Twitter
  • Get started with Google: Adwords, Webmasters
  • Set up of other Add-ons that you may choose to buy
  • Walkthrough of the dashboard
What does the Annual Maintainence Fee include?
  • Post launch support for your store
  • Support for new add-ons and services
  • Regular maintaince to avoid downtime
  • Regular system upgrades
  • Access to pre-negotiated services
Is there a tutorial/guide to get a hang of it?

Yes, there definitely is! You can find the user manual here. If you need help on topics that for some reason are missed from the manual, please reach out to us and we will be delighted to help you!

How soon can i go live if I'm ready with my products?

If you are ready with your product and product images, you can be ready with your store in a day. However, to go live, you need your merchant account set up with the payment gateway provider. They take 15 working days to get you set up. As soon as this process is complete, you can start selling!

How do I know if your platform is right for me?

If you are looking to go with a Do-It-Yourself platform, then there is one reason for you to choose us - we have everything you need to get started and grow your eCommere business. A platform to create a store, service partners to help manage and grow your business, a team of experts to help you tie up with marketplaces, logistic providers and payment gateways, a team that will provide all the support that your business deserves

If you choose to go ahead with Twikster, you will not need to develop your website from scratch - as a result you will save a ton of time and money. You could use one of our many beautiful templates and go online in no time! You can start off FREE of cost, with features available on our platform and then expand/ customize over time. So many benefits, all packed into one eCommerce platform so you can get started stress-free!

What are the Add-ons that I can purchase?

The add-ons that are available for purchase include Facebook Store, Customer Loyalty, Customer Reviews, Social Login, Integrated Chat and plenty more. Get the complete list of add-ons here. And of course, we add new ones every month!

What is the cost of an add-on and how do I purchase it?

The cost of add-ons vary based on how many you want to purchase. Please call us on +918861674504 or mail us on [email protected] for details on pricing, purchase and installation.

How is Twikster different from other platforms?

Twikster is different from other platforms in that it does not force you into rigid plans, it does not have a monthly subscription free and you have the freedom to choose the features that you want on your store based on your budget. You don't have to worry about upgrade from one plan to another for just one or two features - you can just buy those features independently on our platform!

I want a custom store, can i get one?

Yes definitely! Email us on [email protected] or call us on +91 88616 74504

My business isn't registered and I don't have my Legal Paper work done. Can I start selling online or do you have a solution for me that will help resolve these issues?

Yes, of course you can. Being an individual, you can start selling online using the PayUMoney payment gateway and Delhivery as your Logistic Provider. Everything else remains the same. Once your business grows and you want to get it register, Twikster has a solution for that too! We have tie ups with Accountants who help you get your business registered at pre-negotiated rates. If you want help with legal work such as Terms & Conditions and Business Policies, we will connect you to our Legal Partners who will help you out in that aspect as well. It’s all under one single roof!

After I have gone live with my website, can I add more features and customize the design of my website?

Yes, you definitely can. Twikster is a flexible platform that allows you to start off your business where you want to start it and supports the growth of your business in every way possible. So when you are ready to add more features or change the look and feel of your store, all you have to do is contact us and we will help you out!

How Much Money do I Need to Launch my E-Commerce Website?

Well, this is entirely on what your requirement is. You can start a basic simple eCommerce website for absolutely NO COST!, but you can also get a custom website made for a one time fee and a monthly cost based on your requirement. See our pricing plans for more information.

What are the costs involved with Twikster?

You can use the default Twikster platform for absolutely no cost! You will only be charged a transaction fee of 5% per sale that you make. If you like to waive this transaction fee off, purchase one of the Payment Gateway add-ons.

What do you provide me with to help me in scaling up my business?

We provide you with an end to end solution for all your eCommerce needs - a platform to create a store, service partners to help manage and grow your business, a team of experts to help you tie up with marketplaces, logistic providers and payment gateways, a team that will provide all the support that your business deserves. As a result, you can

  • start off and keep growing without feeling the stress that comes with it
  • select, tie up with and manage all your partnerships with ease
  • use our service partners to market your store - google adwords, email marketing, SMS marketing and affiliate marketing to your rescue.
  • and much more!
How often do I get billed?

If you choose to go for the Twikster Preferred Plan or buy Add-Ons, payments will have to be made yearly. For the Twikster Preferred Plan, the Set-Up fee is only a one-time cost.

What is the lowest amount that I would have to pay if I want a very basic website to sell my products? I am not sure if online is the best option for me right now. I am low on funds and don't have enough money to invest.

If you are not sure or are short on funds, its alright! Many start-ups have found themselves in this spot and have gradually grown out of it. On Twikster, you can start a basic simple eCommerce website for FREE! Gradually as you gain confidence in selling online you can extend your subscription period with Twikster and buy the add-ons that your business needs for it to grow.

I have too many products. Can I upload all of them at once? If I want to edit the products, can I edit them all at once?

Yes, we do provide bulk upload and bulk edit of products! All you have to do is send us the product details in the simple format that we share with you and will upload it into the system for you! Its really as easy as that!

How much time would it take for me to set up my entire product catalogue?

That would depend entirely on the number and type of products you have.

How long does it take for all of the products to appear on my online store?

The additions/changes you make to your products and categories would be effective on your store as soon as you click the "Save" button on the 'Add Product' page. There is no delay of any sort!

How can I create categories?

To create categories -

  • Go to the ‘Products’ tab
  • Click on ‘Add New Category’
  • Enter category name, description and select status as active
  • Click Save

Congratulations! You’ve added a category. You can add up to 10 Categories – but please note, the styling of the themes can break if you add too many categories, or of the category names are too big.

Moreover, e-commerce stores should ideally have 7-10 categories only. Everything else should be sub-categorized under these main categories.

How do I create sub-categories?

To create sub categories -

  • Go to the ‘Products’ tab and add a category
  • Once the category is added, click on the arrow in the category box to add new sub categories
  • Click on ‘Add new Sub Category’
  • Enter sub category details and click Save

Congratulations! You’ve added a new sub category. You can create unlimited sub categories on your store.

I want to add a sub-category under a sub-category, how do I do that?

Unfortunately we do not allow a third level of categorization on the themes at the moment.

What if I want to completely stop selling a particular product or products on my store?

If you want to stop selling some products, all you need to do is find the product on your admin panel, click the "Delete" icon under the Action column, and confirm deletion in the message box that pops up.

What if I just want to temporarily stop selling a product due to supply issues, and then reinstate it later?

If you want to stop selling some products temporarily, all you need to do is find the product on your admin panel, click on the product to view product information and change the status of the product from Active to “Hidden”

I would like to open an online store to sell T-shirts and sportswear. But I would like to be able to include different sizes for the same product, rather than create multiple instances of the same product for different sizes.

The beauty of Twikster lies in the fact that your online store is highly customizable as per your requirements. You can most certainly include options for different sizes while adding your product to the online catalogue. If however, you have multiple colour options of the same product, each colour will be treated as a separate product.

After setting up my online store, if I decide to change or eliminate some of my product categories, will I be able to do it easily?

You can delete a category very easily – all you have to do is move all the products from that category to another category. Or you can just delete the products if you like.

What kind of Images should I upload with my products?

For your products to sell, you’ll have to put up great-looking images online – your customers will after all want to buy what is first seen and then desired.
We make it easy for you to add images to your store and according to your pricing plan make it possible for you to upload a different number of images for each of your products.

How do I select the Primary Image for each product?

You’ll be able to upload a certain number of images for your products, but you can always select which one you’d like to have as your primary image. The primary image is the image that will be visible by default as the first image in the list of all images seen.

What are the ideal dimensions and file size for the product images?

When an image is uploaded on to Twikster, an original file is saved after which your store’s theme will permit you to put up image copies of any width or height. This then makes it a possibility for you to display everything from small thumbnails to large hi-res detail shots.
To ensure that your store doesn’t take too long to load, please see to it that the sizes of images uploaded are under 5 MB.

How to I add slider images to my store?

Adding slider images is a great way to showcase new products, promotions, seasonal sales etc. You can add upto 10 images but if you need more, please reach out to us and we will help you!
Now, slider images, if created/ taken well, can make or break the look of your store. Use good quality images to attract your customers and they’ll be yours for a long time! Here is how to add slider images to your store -

  • Click on ‘Add-Ons’ on your Dashboard
  • Click on “Images”
  • Enable ‘Image Slider for your homepage.’ If it is already enabled, skip this step.
  • Click on ‘Configure’
  • Enter the size (width and height) of the slider you are uploading.
  • Enter the duration of the transition between two sliders (in milliseconds). And enter the delay/pause between two sliders.
  • Choose whether you want the sliders to slide automatically or not by enabling or disabling autoplay.
  • Click on the “+” button on the right corner below the slider settings to add a slider.
  • Choose the file you want to upload, the slide title, the target URL, the caption and description. (Slide title - this will be the alt tag and the text that appears while the slider image loads. Target URL - this is the URL that the user will be taken to if he/she clicks on the slider image. Caption - this is what appears when the user hovers their mouse over the slider. Description - this is used to describe the slider)
  • Enable it and click on ‘Save.’
  • Add as many sliders as you can by repeating the last 3 points above.
  • Depending on the theme that you choose, the optimum size of the sliders may vary - please reach out to us if you need guidance on this and we will help you with the exact size!
Adding Banner Image

You can add one banner image on your store to display promotions, discounts, sales etc on the homepage and increase conversions. The banner will appear at the very top of theme layout 1, theme layout 4 and theme layout 5, in between new products and featured products on theme layout 2, just below homepage slider on theme layout 3.

To do this,

  • Click on ‘Add-Ons’ on your Dashboard
  • Click on “Images”
  • Enable ‘Banner’. If it is already enabled, skip this step.
  • Click on ‘Configure’
  • Choose the file you want to upload, the banner URL, the banner description. (Banner URL - this is the URL that the user will be taken to if he/she clicks on the banner. Description - This description will be visible on hover over the banner.)
  • Click on ‘Save.’
Adding Homepage Images

Homepage images appear on the homepage on three main locations: Top (to the left of or bottom of the slider), Centre (After the products and just above the footer), Footer (In the footer, below the main content of the footer). To add these images -

  • Click on ‘Add-Ons’ on your Dashboard
  • Click on “Images”
  • Enable ‘Homepage Images.’ If it is already enabled, skip this step.
  • Click on ‘Configure’
  • Click on ‘Add new image’
  • Enter the image title. This is what will appear on the mouse hover.
  • Choose the location for the image.There are 3 locations that you can choose from. Top, Center and Footer. You can upload upto 2 images on Top, 5 images in the center and 1 image in the footer. To know more about the optimum size of these images and their location, please reach out to us.
  • Choose the file that you would like to upload and enter the height and width of the image. Please note that the images have various restrictions with size so if an image is too small or too big, it will get resized to fit that particular location. To know more about the size restrictions, please reach out to us for assistance.
  • Enter the URL that you want the image to be linked to.
  • Add any HTML if you’d like to and hit ‘Save’
  • Note: These image can get very tricky due to size and locations so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any queries that you might have. We are here at your disposal for any help that you might need!
How should one go about putting high quality pictures of seller products on their website?

Using an iPhone or and iPad is a great option. The camera quality is amazing and a phone is never a bad investment. Here is a link on steps for taking images for your products - Every Online Seller Should Know This Smartphone Photography Trick.

Image Troubleshooting

Creating and uploading images may not be easiest thing to do. Fortunately, all issues can be fixed.Images not uploading
If you receive an error message or notice an error when uploading an image, you can try this:

  • Ensure that your image is under 5 MB
  • Log out, close your browser, re-open your browser and try again
  • Clear your cache
  • Update your browser to its latest version
  • Try a different browser
Can I create a discount coupon using Twikster? If yes, how?

Head over to the Promotions in your admin panel and Add a Discount! (To use this feature, please buy the "Discount Code Engine" add-on)

  • Click on ‘Promotions’
  • Click on ‘Add Discount’
  • Enter the Discount Name such as End of Season Sale or any such name for your users to know what the promotion is for.
  • Enter the promo code that your users will have to use in order to avail the discount. If you want the discount to automatically be applied for all customers, leave this field blank.
  • Choose the offer. You have the option of giving them a percentage discount of a flat rate discount or none of these and choose the free shipping discount option.
  • Choose the validity for this promotion. You have the following options - Discount is applicable if the bill amount is more than X Rs, discount is applicable on all products or discount is applicable only on specific products.
  • Fill in the number of times the discount can be used in all. If you want this offer to apply only for the first 10 shoppers, restrict it by entering 10 in this field.
  • Choose the start and end date of your promotion and hit the ‘Save’ button.
How can i share these discounts?

Now that you've created a discount, it's time to tell the world! Share your discounts on Twitter and Facebook or share your discount code via email, blog, website, printed material, or any other way to help spread the word.

Which Logistic Providers are you tied up with?

We have tie ups with Fedex, Delhivery, India Post and Pick Parcel. Get in touch with us to get the rates that they charge.

How do I create accounts with the logistic providers?

In order to create an account with any of the logistic providers with whom we have tie-ups, please contact us. We will assist you with the process of account creation.

How does COD work?

COD is taken care of by the Logistic Provider. Each Logistic Provider has different charges for COD. Please get in touch with us for details about their prices. What they do is that once you schedule a pick up, the delivery person picks up the shipment and delivers it to your client. Your client hands the money over to the delivery person and your Logistic Provider has the money with them. Now, they will deduct the COD charge from the value of your shipment and remit the rest into your account once every week or 2 weeks depending on the Logistic Provider.

What is a payment gateway?

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Often, a merchant account and payment gateway are set up in one process through the same company.

What payment gateways do you support?

We support multiple payment gateways like PayU India, PayU money, PayTM, DirecPay, InstaMojo, CCAvenue, PayPal and COD. If you are looking for a payment gateway apart from the ones listed here, please reach out to us and we will try and help you!

What is a Merchant account and how do i get one?

Every payment made online involves the transfer of funds to a merchant account, which a merchant (that is you) holds directly with a bank. The merchant has full responsibility for the transactions that occur with their account, and each bank has its own terms of service to which account‐holders must adhere.
You will need to create a merchant account with a payment gateway in order to receive payments. Please contact us so we can help you get the process started.

I have heard that integrating a payment gateway is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Will Twikster help me out with this?

All you have to do is submit paperwork to the payment gateway and get your merchant ID from them. Integration and everything else technical is taken care of by us.

What if I am not able to open an account with a payment gateway for some reason?

In that case you can use the Cash On Delivery option supported by our logistics partners.

What methods of payments can my customers use?

Domestic Customers can pay using a credit card, debit card or net banking International Customers can pay via their paypal accounts.

Can i accept funds manually?

Yes, absolutely. You can accept mailed cheques or money orders, direct bank transfers, or perhaps have an option to pay for an order in-store.

Which countries and currencies are usable with Twikster?

Currently, Twikster is available only to Indians and all transactions are in Indian Rupees only.

I would also like to offer offline payment methods like Cash-on-delivery for my customers. Is that possible?

Yes you can use the COD services supported by our logistic providers.

Does Twikster charge me any transaction fees for collecting online payments?

In the Twikster GO Plan, you will be charged a 5% transaction fee. In the Twikster Preferred Plan, you will be charged a 4% transaction fee. To waive this fee off, please purchase any of the Payment Gateway add-ons.

I would like to be able to offer my customers the option of paying via PayPal, as I receive a lot of orders from international customers. Can i do that?

The PayPal option is available for your store. All you need to do is contact us to get it activated. You can definitely use PayPal in India, provided you are accepting payments only from International customers, and not from Indian customers.

How much time does the payment gateway take to remit the money into your account?

The payment gateway takes upto 48 hours to remit the money into your account.

Does the money come to Twikster and then us once the payment is made?

No, the money does not come to Twikster! It comes straight from the payment gateway to your account.

What do you think is the best theme for "my"(customer's) store?

We have a large variety of themes that you can choose from. Some themes are more suitable than the other depending on your product line and the layout that you would like. You can choose any one of our beautiful themes and start selling!

How many themes do you provide?

We provide 5 different layouts with 7 options each - a total of 35 color and design options for you to choose from. If you do not like any of these, you can edit them and make changes. Or you can simply ask us to design and develop a custom theme for you and we will gladly do so! This, of course, will come at a separate cost which can be provided based on the intricacies of the design.

Can I customize the theme?

Yes, each theme can be customized in two ways -

  • Basic Customization
  • Advanced Customization
What is Basic Customization?

The simplest way to customize your Twikster store is to choose a pre-made theme. We provide different layouts with 7 color schemes each.

You can choose a theme by clicking on the ‘Store Theme’ option available on your admin area’. From here you can employ simple functionalities to customize your chosen theme’s look and feel. With a few clicks, you can upload a logo, background image, favicon and can easily give your store a very unique look.

  • Basic Customization
  • Advanced Customization

Basic Customization

  • Click on Store theme
  • Click on “Customize theme”
  • Click on “Choose Color Schemes”
  • On the pop up that opens, click on the Settings icon on the left
  • Choose one of the 6 color schemes provided for the selected layout – with each color scheme comes a variation in color and theme style.
  • Click Save

Upload Logo

  • Click on ‘Store Theme’
  • Click on ‘Customize theme’
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to upload logo
  • Choose the logo for your store
  • Click Upload and Save

Upload a Favicon

  • Click on ‘Store Theme’
  • Click on ‘Customize theme’
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to favicon upload
  • Choose the favicon for your store (*.ico file and can be 16x16 px)
  • Click Upload and Save

Upload a background image

  • Click on ‘Store Theme’
  • Click on ‘Customize theme’
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to background image upload
  • Choose the background that you want for your store (this can be any background image of a small size, 100 px X 100 px, that can get tiled - we recommend this approach instead of uploading a large background image to make sure that your website load time does not increase because of the heavy background file)
  • Click Upload and Save
What other options for customization do you provide?

Our themes are highly customizable.

  • You can use add-ons such as new products, featured products, etc to change the look and feel of the store.
  • You can add images to various locations on the homepage.
  • You can use inbuilt features to change the background color and background image.
  • You can add any custom HTML or CSS or integrate a third-party app by purchasing our Theme editor Add on.
Can I make CSS changes to the theme myself?

Yes you surely can! This is the advanced level of customization we were speaking of before. Please refer to our user manual for a list of changes you can make along with the steps to make those changes. Do reach out to us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help!

How can I add pages to my store?

We have a set of default pages available on every theme – these include “About Us”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Contact Us” and other pages required to provide basic store related information. You can add upto 10 pages on your store - these pages can include content and images!

Add Content on Page

  • Click on ‘Store Theme’
  • Click on ‘Add or Manage Pages’
  • Add or edit existing pages and click on ‘Save’
  • You can add upto 10 pages. If you need to add more, please reach out to us and we will help you.
How can I market my store?

We understand that marketing your store is very important to you. And in order to help you with that, we provide many different Add-ons and Apps. Add-ons are in-built features that can be activated or deactivated on your store while Apps are external to Twikster but can be easily integrated and used with your Twikster store. We also have tie ups with service providers who can help you with your marketing at discounted rates.

What about Search Engine Optimization? What do you take care of? What do I have to do?

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) makes for a very important aspect of running an online business. Being aware of this - we basic-optimize your store in advance for search engine visibility and this is done via Google’s own recommendations.

We provide you with the ability to add meta titles, meta descriptions, tags, friendly URLs and image alt tags for every product that you add. We also allow you to add meta titles, meta description and keywords to your homepage to better optimize it.

Apart from this, you should

  • -Use a custom domain name
  • -Submit your pages to the google webmaster tool
  • -Come up with a good descriptions for your categories, products and pages
  • -Write blogs and post good social media content
  • -Don’t spam or attempt to manipulate search engines
  • -Get quality and reliable inbound links from other established sites and friends
What about social media integration? Does Twikster support that?

All our stores can be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, RSS, G + and Blog.You can also allow your customers to share the products with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.

If none of these are sufficient, you can use our marketing services for customized plans made to increase the reach of your store!

How important is blogging? Would you guys help us with that?

We could discuss about various social media campaigns that we could run, it's benefits for us and the customers as well. Also, if there are any offline marketing tools that we could use for the benefits.

How can I promote my e-Commerce store via digital marketing for free?

Use Social Media, Send e-mailers to your database of customers, write blogs. These are three things we recommend you do!

Increase your social media presence. Use all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and see which one works best for you and your product and leverage that. It is very important to have your presence on various social platforms and linking these platforms to your website. A lot of followers on social media helps encourage potential buyers to purchases from your store by creating a sense of trust in your brand and your online store.

Collect a database of email ID’s of old and new customers by requesting them to sign up for newsletters or for coupons and discounts. Offer them discounts, send them updates on new products that you have added, engage with them through regular e-mailers. You could use MailChimp for this.

Write blogs and post them. This will help you engage with potential customers and help you give them insights about your product and market.

What are the paid methods I can use for marketing my store?

There are many paid methods that you can use to market your store. The costs can vary based on your budget. Here are some of the most popular method -

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
What do i do when a customer places an order and how do i get to know?

Is there a tool/software that is enabled to maintain my inventory? if not, if do i sort that if i have a huge list of products?

I want to be able to measure the performance my online store. Will I be able to do that with Twikster?

Currently, we have integrated Google Analytics in every store. As you know, Google Analytics is the best analytics tool out there.

How do i Manage my Orders?

As soon as your sales start off, you’ll also need to manage your orders. You can get all the information you need under the ‘Orders’ tab visible on your admin panel. This is where you can view your order details, check for older orders, mark off shipped orders and also print all the information you might need. You can gain access to the details of a specific page by clicking on the settings icon seen against every order on the ‘Orders’ page. From here you can:

  • Mark a particular order as shipped or unshipped
  • View an order’s status in detail
  • See the order’s history
  • View the invoices
  • Add a new order

The order details page gives you required information on your orders. It directs you to what products were ordered, in what quantity, discounts if applicable, shipping costs, tax and the grand total. A packing slip can also be generated for you to print.

Can i import/export order data?

In order to import or export your order data into the system, please contact us.

I want send my customers updates when they place an order, as well as when their order is dispatched from my store. Is that possible with Twikster?

Twikster comes integrated with all the settings required for sending notifications to your users when an order is placed. They can track their order in it's pre-shipping phase by using the reference number provided to them. Once you dispatch the product, you can send them an email manually with the tracking number and the URL of the Logistic Provider through which they can track their shipment.

Do you take a percentage of each sale?

In the Twikster GO Plan, you will be charged a 5% transaction fee. In the Twikster Preferred Plan, you will be charged a 4% transaction fee. To waive this fee off, please purchase any of the Payment Gateway add-ons.

I already have a domain name of my own. Can I use that for my online store?

With Twikster, you can have your online store set up on your very own domain name. Please check your plan, send us the details and we will set it up for you.

If I do not have a domain name, is it necessary for me to buy one in order to create a store?

No, not at all! You can get started without a domain name. As soon as you sign-up, you will be assigned a subdomain name called You can use this for as long as you wish to!

How do I change the store name and password?

To change your store name, please contact us. You can easily change your store’s password from the Settings section. If you forget your password, don’t fret, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ link visible on your login page which is where you can enter your store’s contact e-mail id to get a new password.

If I have to change plans later, can I do this?

Yes, for sure. You can upgrade or downgrade, or even cancel your account when you choose to. All you have to do is contact us.

Can I close my Twikster Account?

We would absolutely hate to see you do that and will do everything we can to help you - all you have to do is reach out to us. But, if for some reason you wish to close your Twikster Account, please let us know. We will extract all your store information and hand it over to you. Once that is done, permanent deletion of all your products, stats, images and other relevant data will take place.

How secure is my data related to orders and customers?

No one, except you or your team with access to the control panel have the right to access this data. Our cloud based platform offers an exceptionally strong set of data security measures that are often more wide-ranging than what a customer could guarantee if the application was located on-premise.

Do you guys provide us with email ids and domain names also?

No, we do not provide you with email ID’s. You would have to create those on your own.

Can I host my website separately but use your eComm software?

While you cannot host your website separately, we assure you that we use the very best of Amazon Servers (AWS) for our platform. Thus every store on our platform automatically finds its place on the Amazon Servers as well. Very little downtime, great performance.

Do you have SMS notifications?

We do not have SMS notifications at the moment but we are working towards adding that solution to the platform!

I will require constant reports of sales, customers and the orders that I have received. Is that possible?

Yes, it is very possible. Not all access is available to you, but if you reach out to us and tell us what you need, we will generate the report and send it to you.

How difficult is it to exit the platform?

We would hate to see you go, but that is no reason for us to make things difficult for you. Once you decide to leave the platform, all you have to do is contact us. We will export all the information out of the system and provide it to you and you can be on your way!

How do you ensure security? My images might get stolen or my ideas might get taken away.

We make sure that no one accesses your admin panel. If, for any reason we do need to log in to your admin panel, we will do so only after taking prior permission from you without which we will not log in. The Payment Gateways that we are ties up with are also completely secured. On request, we can disable the right click on your page and you could watermark your product images as well. This will ensure complete security.

  • no access to admin panel
  • payment gateways are secure
  • images can be watermarked and we can disable right click if you want
Call us: 8861674504 or 8861673309 or 7406484287 Email us: [email protected]
What is Twikster Edge?

Twikster Edge is a premium add-on that helps store owners leverage the one sustainable way of creating brand awareness and driving traffic to their stores – content - placed exactly where their customers hang out. With this tool, every store owner can easily create brand awareness and get that extra edge over their competitors!

  • no access to admin panel
  • payment gateways are secure
  • images can be watermarked and we can disable right click if you want
What can i do with this add-on?

You can do the following -

  • Publish Posts across FB, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and many other platforms.
  • Browse Social Analytics from all social media accounts in one place.
  • Browse Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your store.
  • Browse Store Analytics to keep a close eye on orders, customers, products and overall store performance.
  • Do Keyword Search to monitor a multitude of social channels for buzz relevant to the brand
  • Set Goals for reach, engagement and performance of the store
  • Track and Analyze competition!
  • Set up Intelligent Social Automations – a simple way to automate important tasks across your social media profiles. eg - Facebook: Like a comment, like a post, delete a comment that contains undesired content. Twitter: Favorite a retweet, follow back, unfollow when unfollowed, send a dm to someone who favorited your tweet, etc.
How Can I use the power of Twikster Edge for my store?

To use Twikster Edge, you have to be a Twikster Preferred or Twikster WIN user. It is unfortunately not available in the Forever Free plan.

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