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You are minutes away from starting your own online store!
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Important notice : We will be closing all services of Twikster from 31st Dec 2018. All new registration have already been closed. If you have any query please reach out to us at [email protected]
All the tools you need to sell online, drive traffic to your store and grow your business.
Twikster GO
Forever Free!


  • 25 Products
  • 1 image per product
  • 35 Features
  • 5% transaction fee
  • Basic Email only support
Rs. 9,999 one time cost

Pocket Friendly

  • AMC of Rs. 2,999 (charged from year 2)
  • 300 Products*
  • Unlimited Images
  • 50+ Features
  • 4% Transaction Fee**
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Add-ons at pocket-friendly prices***
Twikster PRO
Rs. 39,999/year
Fully Loaded
  • Includes
    25+ Add-Ons worth Rs. 60,000
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Images
  • 50+ Features
  • 1.9% Transaction Fee
  • Dedicated Support
* If you have more products, purchase a "Product Top Up" Add on
** To do away with the transaction fee, you can buy the payment gateway add-on.
*** Pricing of add-ons varies and we usually have great offers on them! Contact us for current offers.
What does basic support mean?
  • Regular maintenance
  • Periodic updates
  • Limited Support - Via Email only
What does the one time cost include?
  • Starter-kit
  • Store Set up (60 day on-boarding support)
  • Bulk Upload of Products (60 day on-boarding support)
  • Domain name redirect
  • Tie-up with Logistic Providers,Payment Gateway
  • Marketplace setup (60 day on-boarding support)
  • Get started with social media: FB and Twitter
  • Get started with Google: Adwords, Webmasters
  • Set up of other Add-ons that you may choose to buy
  • Walkthrough of the dashboard
What does the AMC (Annual Maintainence Charge) include?
  • Post launch support for your store
  • Support for new add-ons and services
  • Regular maintaince to avoid downtime
  • Regular system upgrades
  • Access to pre-negotiated services
Features on your store
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What are Add-Ons?
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Add-ons that I can purchase?
The add-ons that are available for purchase include Facebook Store, Customer Loyalty, Customer Reviews, Social Login, Integrated Chat and plenty more. Get the complete list of add-ons here. And of course, we add new ones every month!
How is Twikster different from other platforms?
Twikster is different from other platforms in that it does not force you into rigid plans, it does not have a monthly subscription free and you have the freedom to choose the features that you want on your store based on your budget.
You don't have to worry about upgrade from one plan to another for just one or two features - you can just buy those features independently on our platform!
What is the cost of an add-on and how do I purchase it?
The cost of add-ons vary based on how many you want to purchase. Please call us on +918861674504 or mail us on [email protected] for details on pricing, purchase and installation.
I want a custom store, can i get one?
Yes definitely! Email us on [email protected] or call us on +91 88616 74504
"I always wanted to start my website and I found it much easier because of Twikster! While all the guidelines were set for me, all I had to do was upload my product details! It was an amazing experience to see your website up like the way you imagined it and especially when its so cost effective! Love everything about it! :)"